Bunions! Why did this happen to me!?

Simple way to prevent the problem?

You can reduce your risk of getting a bunion by wearing the right type of shoes and boots. Ask your foot specialist or podiatrist for advice about footwear. They will probably advise you to choose shoes that:

* that are wide enough so there isn't any pressure on the joints at the sides
* that are with adjustable fastenings, such as laces, buckles or straps, that hold your feet comfortably

Shoes that support the arch of your foot are usually more comfortable.

They may also suggest you use shoe inserts to correct your walking if you have problems.

Valgorect - Feet care gel

✔ Relieves pain and inflammation
✔ Softens bunion and gently removes
✔ Doesn't let bunions grow again
✔ Gives lasting effect without side effects, unlike fixators or correctors
✔ Quickly absorbed, leaves no traces. Relieves swelling and moisturizes feet
✔ Net WT - 75 mL ( 2.53 fl oz. )

Price: € 39.00
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